Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Obama in the Heartland

President Obama is visiting St. Louis today to make a final push for a federal health care bill. The St. Louis Beacon has been tracking this legislation and its potential effects on our community.

Reporter Dale Singer is following the President's visit. Obama will speak at a school in St. Charles this afternoon. Check back throughout the afternoon for more of what the President had to say -- and our community's reaction.

Reporter Jo Mannies, reporting in the Beacon Backroom, is covering reaction to the visit. So far, local GOP leaders have weighed in, and liberal groups are organizing to ask why Obama hasn't followed through on some campaign promises.

Finally, Reporter Robert Joiner has gone out in the community to ask residents what the President should be focusing on for health care reform (or whether he ought to focus on it at all).

Check back with the Beacon throughout the afternoon and evening for more coverage of President Obama's visit to St. Louis.

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