Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hotter than health care

Not much else is, these days. Whether it's a man carrying an assault rifle to a protest outside the venue where President Barack Obama was discussing health care with veterans or fisticuffs between reform supporters and opponents, the debate on health care reform is heating up.

It's no different in St. Louis.

A forum with Rep. Russ Carnahan turned, with a large crowd massed outside, reform opponents shouting down speakers and, after the event, a scuffle and six arrests. That clash resulted in a peaceful weekend Tea Party protest at the St. Louis headquarters of SEIU (reform opponents claim SEIU members were responsible for the assault) as well as the cancellation (by the venue) of a planned forum with Sen. Claire McCaskill amid concerns of violence.

Below, you'll find some previous stories by the St. Louis Beacon. These stories stretch back into last year before the debate became too heated and also provide some background information to familiarize yourself with the issue:x


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